Benefits Of Hygienic Wall Cladding

Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding

If you’re sick of all the problems that tiles cause in your bathroom, you might be looking for another option for the walls in your bathroom. Fortunately, there are lots of alternatives available, with one alternative that is particularly impressive.

Hygienic wall cladding is a fantastic option for bathrooms, especially if you don’t want to have tiles for whatever reason. There are plenty of benefits for you to look forward to with wall cladding.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the hygienic wall cladding advantages, so that you can decide whether or not it is the best option for your bathroom.

What actually is hygienic wall cladding?

Hygienic wall cladding is the main alternative that you’ll find to tiling in bathrooms and kitchens. Although hygienic cladding isn’t as popular as tiles, there are a few key benefits that make it the best option for your home. Fire-rated, low-cost and impact resistant cladding, such as ours, is far superior to tiling your kitchen or bathroom.

Here’s a few benefits of hygienic wall cladding that you can look forward to.

Easy to install: If you’ve ever had the pleasure (maybe pleasure is the wrong word) of installing tiles, we’re sure that you’re aware of how challenging installing tiles actually is. No matter how experienced or confident you are when it comes to installing tiles, it’s actually fairly hard. This is going to lead to frustration, and chances are you might end up giving up on your project and hiring somebody to do it for you.

Cladding is so much easier to install than tiles, even if you don’t have any experience of installing it in the past. Hygienic cladding is simple to install, so it’s perfect for you if you’re hoping to make changes to your bathroom without assistance.

Installation is fast: Not only is installing tiles a pain, it takes an awful long time, regardless of how much experience you have installing them in the past. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just a home owner making changes to your home, installation of cladding is very easy. Whereas tiles can take you days or longer to install, cladding will generally just take hours to install, making it much easier for yourself.

Budget-friendly: If you’re making modifications to any part of your home, it’s important for you to have a budget that you’re going to make sure you stick to, so you don’t end up spending a lot more than you have to or want to. If you’re tiling anywhere in your home, chances are that you’re aware of how expensive tiling can become, depending on how much you’ll be doing. When compared to cladding, tiles start to look even more expensive than they already did, simply because cladding is so cost-effective.

No matter the budget that you have available for your project, hygienic cladding is an option that won’t leave you disappointed with the outcome.

Hygienic: Hygiene is massively important, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. Tiling looks brilliant, until you haven’t cleaned it for a few days; at this point, you’re going to be able to tell that your tiles have seen much better days. Although the dirty appearance might be off-putting, it is worth considering that tiles are also very unhygienic due to the grout lines in between every tile. When it comes to hygienic wall cladding, you already know that it’s going to be more hygienic than cladding, because it’s a part of its name! Cladding doesn’t provide the right environment for bacteria to grow, and it is mould-resistant. All in all, cladding is the best option for your bathroom or kitchen.

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with industry information from Cladding Depot. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who enjoys the cinema, reading and the great outdoors.