How can you make a weighted blanket?

A blanket especially weighted blanket is something that keeps you warm during chilling winter nights. It gives you comfort and happy sleeping experience. So, I will help you on how to make a weighted blanket here in this article.

Do you love to spend your time relaxing under a blanket? Would you prefer to comfort yourself under a heavy weighted blanket during the chilling winter season while heavy snowfall is going outside your home? Will, you do not prefer to sleep under a soft covered blanket and step into the world full of dreams? I guess all of my dear readers would prefer to do so. Sleeping under a soft and heavyweight blanket that will not prefer to do so. But do you know how to make a heavyweight blanket? If you are not aware of how to do so then I can definitely help you out in this case. Before informing you about the steps of preparing such blanket I would like to tell you that such blankets have got serious benefits. Let’s begin.


What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket as the name suggests has been designed to put a certain level of weight on the human body in order to cure specific ailments. In such a genre of a blanket weight of certain level amounting from five pounds up to forty pounds is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. One can use a variety of fabrics for making such kind of blankets.

What is the main aim of weighted blankets?

The main purpose or aim of this genre of the blanket as you may say is to cure certain types of ailments like-

i) Insomnia

ii) Autism

iii) Anxiety & stress

iv) Walking while sleeping

v) Asperger’s Syndrome and many more are there to add up the list.

Steps of making weighted blankets.

By going through the following steps I am sure that you can build your own DIY weighted blankets. Here go the steps for you.

i) In the first stage take both the back and front consoles of your blanket then sort them in such a manner so that both the ends meet each other. Then pin out the four corners for making it easy.

ii) In the next step take the batting and line it up with your cover on the two sides. Stick all around the outskirt, about an inch into the texture and batting.

iii) Stich all the three sides of the blankets and give a shape like an envelope.

iv) In the fourth stage make vertical lines on the top depending on the number of squares you want.

v) In the fifth stage fill each square with polyfill pellets as well as synthetic cotton.

vi) In the last stage make sure you have stitched all the four sides of the blanket to give it a complete look.


Dear readers, I guess the above-mentioned steps would guide you on how to make a weighted blanket all by yourself.  So, now what’s your plan? Try to craft one such blanket all for yourself and enjoy a good healing sleep under it.