How to Crochet: Crochet Crafts for Beginners

Crochet is a classic craft idea, which is still in trend. If you don’t know how to crochet, then, this article is dedicated to you, by following the article you will learn it. In addition, we will suggest you some easy crochet ideas as well.

Are you love to create DIY projects in your free time? I love to spend my relaxation by doing DIY projects rather than gossiping with others or watching TV series. Crochet work is the oldest craft idea, which was excessively popular in earlier days, however, this classic DIY craft idea is again in trend, if you follow the fashion and décor pieces of stuff, there are many items made with crochet pattern. Hence, if you are thinking that you can do it by yourself and searching how to crochet on the internet then, welcome to the writing place. We are here to help to learn crochet. Here are the things you should know—

You don’t need multiple expensive pieces of stuff to start crochet, you only need a crochet hook, fiber thread, scissors.

How to Hold a Crochet Hook:

Before starting any crochet project, you have to know how to hold the hook properly. In crochet work, all magic happens in this step. Hence, if you are planning to know how to crochet, learn this step as soon as possible. In the below-mentioned picture, we have shown how to hold the fiber and adjust the hook.

How to Make a Slip Knot:

A slip knot is the basic of crochet work. Hold the thread and make a knot by adjusting the hook. It is super easy, here is the picture to guide you.

How to Make a Chain Stich:

Chain stitch is the most common stitch in crochet work. There are multiple videos available online, which you can follow or you can follow the following steps—

  • Hold the crochet hook and make a slip knot.
  • Bring the fiber over the hook and from back to front and grab it with the hook.
  • Draw hooked fiber through the slip knot, this way your first chain stitch will be completed. Continue the steps to make more.

Beginners Crochet Ideas for You:

Mobile Cover:

You cannot live without our favorite phone and do you know your phone can be a part of your How to crochet journey. How about making a phone cover? Yes, it will be great. You can use your desired pattern and color as well to make it beautiful.


Winter Hat:

Crochet hats look amazing and if you know how to crochet. You can easily make a winter crochet hat for you or your friend. Hence, pick the right color and search for the unique crochet pattern to finish the work.

Woolen Scarf:

Another easy crochet item, which you can make when you are an intermediate learner then, a woolen scarf can be the next item you can try.

I hope you enjoy reading about crochet ideas and how to crochet. Do not forget to let us know about your crochet DIY projects.