How to Tie Dye: All About Tie Dye You Should Know

How to Tie Dye: All About Tie Dye You Should Know

There are various DIY craft ideas, which you can try at your home, however, finding the easiest and useful one is troublesome. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to tie-dye to suit with the mentioned requirement. Hence, follow the article carefully to know the tips.

Are you feeling bored to stay at home every weekend? Relaxing craft time is all that you need to fix your weekends.  If you are searching for an easy as well as useful DIY project then knowing how to tie-dye will be the best option for you. Besides, you can gift t-shirts or clothes to your friends and you can also wear them as well. Therefore, it will be fun to play with colors and make something for your friends.

Here are the essential factors, which you should keep in your mind to make your craft time successful.

Choosing the Right Fabric:

When it comes to flawless tie-dye effect on your clothes, picking the right fabric material is essential. Skipping this factor and choosing something randomly will cost you the entire project. Therefore, always choose a cotton based material, which is thick enough to retain the color. Though in tie-dye, cotton is the most acceptable option, however, you can use any type of natural fabric also.

Pay Attention to the Colour Combination:

After selecting the perfect fabric, here comes the most vital job, choosing the right shade of color. You can choose any color of clothes as per your choice, however, it is up to you how to adjust the fabric color with the dye colors. Imagine, the color of your cloth is black and you are choosing the maroon as your dye shade, do you think it will be great? Of course not. The tips is if you are choosing any bright color cloth then keep the dye shade lighter and follow the opposite when your base cloth tone is light in hue. Always follow the same to make the cloth bright and pretty.

Invest in Right Dye:

In the market, you will get multiple tie and dye color variations, which are available in different price ranges as well. If you are planning to economize and choosing an ordinary variation then do not do that. Choose only the product, which is labeled to use with cold water. It will be easy and safe to use. Besides, when you are looking for how to tie-dye, keep the fact in your mind that color combination plays a great role in making your t-shirt, shirt or top beautiful. Hence, choose the shades carefully.

If you are a beginner, doing the project with two-three colors will be nice and experts can go beyond that to experiment with colors.

Are you still bothered about how to tie-dye? I hope, this article will be successful in solving your queries. Hence, this weekend buy a new cotton cloth and use this technique, do not forget to share the pictures on Instagram.