Tips For Restoring Natural Wood Flooring

Tips For Restoring Natural Wood Flooring

Many people are attracted to the beauty and character of natural hardwood floors, while others are concerned about having to refinish them. Maybe you fit into the first category, having fallen in love with a fixer-upper because of its natural hardwood floors. On the other hand, you may land in the latter category that appreciates the looks of wood floorings but worries about the upkeep of them. No matter how you would categorize yourself, properly maintaining hardwood floors is important.

Here are some helpful tips for knowing when to refinish natural wood flooring, what the benefits are for restoration and the options for refinishing, along with steps needed to bring your floors back to life.

Indicators that Refinishing Wood Floors is Needed

The wear and tear our floors receive is no surprise; years of scratches, gouges, dings and regular use add up. Some light scratching and cosmetic issues such as dullness and visible wear can be fixed with a simple product applied on the surface of the wood floorings. This method does not require any sanding. However, if your floors are past the point of being renewed with a deep cleaning and surface refinishing, you will notice deep and widespread scratches, stains, and water damage. Perhaps you even notice shifting and gaps appearing. Before the problems become worse, invest in your floors by refinishing them with thorough sanding and the application of a quality finish.

Benefits of Refinishing Wood Flooring

The pros of refinishing your hardwood floors are invaluable. First, you are saving money in the long run by not having to replace ruined floors. Even having floors professionally refinished is less expensive than replacing wood floorings in the future. For example, professional restoration of hardwood floors costs an average of 5 dollars per square foot. On the other hand, Lee Wallender, home improvement expert and author at, estimates the cost at 11 dollars to over 22 dollars per square foot to have new hardwoods professionally installed.

Another benefit of refinishing wood floorings is the increase in the value of your property. Although once covered with more “modern” trends of carpet and vinyl floorings, wood floorings are once again being appreciated and sought after. Should you want to sell your house in the future, well kept hardwood floors will significantly appeal to buyers and increase the property’s value.

Options for Refinishing Wood Flooring

In a day and age when do-it-yourself projects are commonplace, refinishing wood floorings is no exception. With a major investment of time and effort but large savings financially, skilled homeowners can restore their own wood floorings. However, costs like power tool rentals, time off from work, and a lengthy hotel stay for the family while the sometimes harmful finishes cure are factors one should consider.
The other option to refinish wood floorings is to hire a professional which can save time and ensure quality. If you decide to go with a professional, take the time to check the company’s reviews and ratings, as well as getting bids from multiple companies to ensure the best price.

Steps for Refinishing Wood Flooring

No matter if you decide to restore your wood floorings yourself or to hire a professional, the process is ideally similar. First, the surface must be prepped. After moving everything from the room, sweeping, vacuuming along baseboards, and mopping with a microfiber dust mop and hardwood floor cleaner is essential. Seal off doorways and vents to other parts of the house to contain the sanding dust. Next comes the laborious sanding with a hand sander around the perimeter and a large buffer for the rest of the floor. After the dust is cleaned up the finish is ready to be rolled on. Recommended coats and time between each coat should be followed based on the product’s directions.

Although maintaining, restoring and refinishing wood floors may seem like a hassle, their natural beauty, charm and durability are worth the investment for your family’s future.

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