Every pet owner wants to make life comfortable and easy for their little fluffy friend on fours. Despite what house rules you have set in place, it is often difficult for to say no to your little furry pet who wants to get on your bed. However, if your bed frame is high enough to make it difficult for the pet to reach it or climb it in a swift move, you may want to invest in dog stairs.Stairs are a good choice for dogs that have the agility and balance to use standard household stairs. Many are portable and can be moved from sofa to bed to car. They also tend to take up less floor space than ramps.

High beds often present this problem. Not only small pets but also elderly and arthritic ones can find it a tough task to reach the bed frame and climb it with ease. However, for high beds, dog stairs can help you by offering them comfortable access and assure their safety as well.

You can use the dog stairs for beds, couches, and chairs. While you can find both, lightweight and bulky models, always check the weight capacity of the product to make sure it can handle your pet’s load without collapsing or cracking.

Usually, you will find models that can be folded and easily stored under the bed or in a corner. Some also come with adjustable height features, so that you can use the same products for different beds or couches as well. There are also built in side-rails in many dog stairs for high beds so that your pet can climb them without hesitation or fear of falling.

Of course, make sure the stairs have skid-free steps. They could also have small carpets on the steps. It is to ensure that your pet won’t slip while climbing or descending the steps.

While plastic products are lighter and more compact than the wood ones, you’ll discover that the latter is often more durable and lasts for longer. However, wood products may require assembling.

If you have a senior dog, a dog with arthritis, or with other mobility issues, it may be time for dog stairs or a ramp. In fact, stairs and ramps can also make life easier for some very small dogs or breeds with short legs and long bodies, like Dachshunds and Corgis. Your beloved canine pal should not have to struggle to get up on the sofa or bed or into the car. Also, depending on his size, it may be difficult for you to constantly lift and carry him. Fortunately, there are dog stairs and ramps suitable for any dog and any location.

To choose the best stairs for my dog, you must ensure to look at the rise, or the height of each step. It should be similar to the rise of regular indoor and outdoor steps. Furthermore, because it is easier for dogs to manoeuvre deep steps, so look for products that have a step depth of 10-to-12 inches.It is very important to be sure the stairs have an anti-skid surface. Your dog’s paws must be able to grip the surface, so that he does not slip off. Remember also, to make sure the stairs are high enough for your needs and will support your dog’s weight.

Animal Planet™ Wooden Pet Steps safely carries your pet to and from those hard to reach places. It is great for small or aging animals.Now your loving companion can easily join you on the bed or couch without your physical support.Simply place the pet steps at your open car door to safely load pets for travel.It has a Hassle-free, foldable design and built-in handles which allow easy storage.The pet steps have an Elegant wooden design and a rich espresso finish which can complement any design. It boosts of a sturdy construction with built-in carry handles.

The design of the Animal Planet Wooden Pet Steps was to specifically reduce stress on your pet’s joints with the sturdy wooden pet ladder. Thanks to soft, upholstered steps, this ladder provides traction for safety, with a folding frame and built-in carry handle for convenient toting.Non-skid carpeting on each step and side rails guides your pet safely.Four steps allow your pet to reach high couches, chairs and other raised areas safely and easily.

Wooden Pet Stairs make it easy for pets to get up on a bed, sofa or chair without having to jump. Stylish carpet lined steps keep pets safe from slipping, while the storage area located under each removable step provides a functional solution to storing pet toys. These steps are crafted from beautiful birch wood and coated with clear varnish. The product comes with a One-year warranty. It is also quick and easy assembly. Choosing the best wooden pet stair is one of the major advantages of seeing your pet live a comfortable and favourable life. For the modern staircase, the design is cohesive and chosen to seamlessly integrate into the décor. The wooden stairs match the flooring and the handrail has a very similar look. The black accents and the clean, straight lines accentuate the minimalism of the design.